National Geographic Taboo taped this show, “In Love with the Berlin Wall,” last Sept. 2010. I was invited to comment as a sexologist and researcher. The preview for the show, which just appeared online this week, features Erika Eiffel. And I am pleased to find I have a bit role in the preview. This, believe me, is wonderful exposure! (As for the bloggers who will no doubt vilify everyone connected with the program, I have learned to ignore them.) The show airs at 9 PM, and will repeat at other times.

Just judging from the preview, the show appears to be fairly sensitive to objectum sexuals, and for this I am glad. This is a group of people who have been somewhat hounded and even exploited by the media, and Erika has been in the forefront of activism and advocacy on behalf of the OS community. She puts herself out there to tell the story, not just for herself, but for others too. She’s a true pioneer.

If you want to know more about this very interesting sexual and/or affectionate orientation, you can read my article, Love Among the Objectum Sexuals, in the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality.

I also just wrote this commentary on lessons we can learn from Objectum Sexuality, published on Your Tango.