The holiday period is often stressful, particuarly in tough financial times like these. So it’s worth spending some extra time and energy improving communication and relationship skills, in order to preserve and strengthen our intimate relationships. I am offering these convenient webinar classes for the next six weeks. Each class meets for one hour per week, in a webinar format, and also requires some “homework” – or, as we like to say, “homeplay.” These classes make great gifts, as well as mutally helpful opportunities to learn and grow with your lovers. If you are single, you can also use these classes to gain confidence and prepare for your next romance.

Go to Creative Sexuality Education Corp. for access to these classes. 

May 2013 UPDATE:  Secrets of Successful Couples. 

6 hours, taped.

This full PREP-based course, plus a special focus on sexual intimacy, consists of taped lectures plus home study exercises. Suitable for couples, multiples, and individuals who want to improve their relationships and intimacy. Learn practical skills to improve communication and intimacy in long-term relationships. Class incorporates elements of the well-known PREP® “marriage education” curriculum developed at the University of Denver (, based on research into successful, long-term relationships. Topics include risk factors, danger signs of escalating conflict, communication techniques and filters, negotiation and simple conflict resolution. Also covers sexual intimacy and erotic communication.Though the course focuses on couples, it is suitable for intimate multiples. Taught by trained PREP leader.


$69.95 for 6 hour version.

$20.00 for 2 hour intro

Required Text: PREP 7.0 Participant Manual. $11.00 + ship.

May 2013 UPDATE  The Intimate Aspie

6 Hours, Taped. An adult socio-sexual education course for people with Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism traits who would like more information about human sexual behavior and who wish to improve their social, dating, and sexual skills. Home study required. Topics include basic social communication skills, dating, sex and hygiene, human sexuality 101 and 201, safe sex, sexual pleasure, avoiding unsafe situations, basic gender issues, and intimate communication. Home study essential. Partipants encouraged to make an “operating manual” for self-understanding.