This morning I found myself riveted by a series of YouTube videos made by people reacting unfavorably to a transphobic teenager’s call to boycott Girl Scout Cookies. The teenager, herself a Girl Scout in California, was outraged to find out that a very young  transgender girl was admitted to a scout troop in Colorado. Sigh. There was more than a whiff of the dreaded “mean girl” about the video, but even so, most of the rebuttal and response videos were kinder to the transphobe than she would have been to them. And so these videos were largely rational and civil, as well as emotional, statements against a particularly cruel form of injustice and prejudice. Some of the videos didn’t get all the terminology straight – but at least these were heartfelt statements by people (cis and trans alike) who cared enough about this issue to engage in discourse. After watching quite  a few, and reading many ignorant and insulting responses, I felt moved to make a video response of my own. I recommend a number of books and some websites in the video.