Asher Bauer, Director of Gender Education at CSH

Earlier this month, Ava Durga and I had the chance to preview Asher Bauer’s newest class for my Center for Sexological Hypnotism, in collaboration with Creative Sexuality Education Corp. Ava is the Director and Founder of Creative Sexuality.

This newest class was called Keep It Consensual: Consent in Sex and Society. For 90 minutes, Asher delivered an in-depth lecture and powerpoint presentation, with additional handout information and links. Here is the description of the class from the CS website.

What does “rape culture” mean?
How does abuse affect individuals and society?
And how can people who love each other make sure their relationships are truly consensual and mutually fulfilling?

This live two-hour interactive webcast workshop and discussion provides an overview of consent issues in society, followed by practical strategies for making your personal relationships more fulfilling, consensual, and safe.

I am as pleased with this newest class as I am with Asher’s previous offering, Trans 101 and Beyond, which is now available as a taped, self-paced course. Because the Center  for Sexological Hypnotism offers a range of classes dealing with sexuality, gender, and hypnotism, Trans 101 and Beyond, has formed an essential component of several of my sexology courses for professionals. It’s that good!

Keep It Consensual will be available shortly as a taped, self-paced course. I look forward to incorporating it as a class session in some of my larger training programs.

I am pleased that my initial confidence in Asher Bauer, as an instructor and Director of Gender Education at the Center for Sexological Hypnotism, has been fully satisfied. Asher is also on the faculty of Creative Sexuality and Ava seems equally pleased with Asher’s insightful classes, as they are offered through her website.

Thank you, Asher, for your continued excellence in community sex and gender education. I look forward to more classes and a greater partnership in CSH in the near future.