Apparently the latest SF Walk Against Rape did not raise enough funds this year. I want to support Asher Bauer’s appeal for more donations by suggesting supportive readers donate here, on Asher’s page. He has been raising funds for SF War, through the Walk, for the last three years and I am happy to support Asher’s fund-raising effort.

I am a survivor, and three other people in my extended family have also suffered from this (unrelated incidents, and not family-related, fortunately!). The crime of rape and sexual abuse has many lasting impacts on the person who has suffered from it  – emotional, physical, sexual, and even economic. The economic results are seldom addressed. For example, people who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of rape and abuse frequently suffer in their ability to be consistently productive in work, school, and family life. Extra medical and counseling costs can also be incurred (assuming one actually has insurance coverage or money to pay for these servcies, or access to a free clinic!).

Asher has been a consistent advocate on this issue for a few years now: writing, raising money for SF WAR, and teaching about consent and rape culture (see previous blog). He has been particularly active in making sure that transgender and gender variant people are included in the annual Walk Against Rape and their issues included in SF WAR awareness.

I intend to send more money to this unfortunately necessary – and therefore invaluable – organization ASAP. I hope you can do the same. Thanks for your interest and support.