I’ve had a surfeit of eye candy and now I either want to eat or go to sleep! I spent the afternoon with my mother – yes, my mother! – at the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the De Young Museum in San Francisco and it was a sexologist’s dream. It was beyond imagining.

Mermaids warriors singing mannequins lace made of sharkskin lace made of pony hide cheetah skin made of beads corsets made of film strips corsets made of armadillo beads buttons sequins bluejeans tulle camowear bleeding heart gowns saucy sailor pants sneering mannequins ones that mutter beads fur fake fur chiffon telephone wires feathers lots of feathers leather lots of leather skirts for men mermaid crutches encrusted with shells tiny stitches on everything gender fluid lace lots of lace exquisite tailoring frock coats flipper shoes body suits velvet headdresses improbable hats thigh high boots flowers…

Every corner, every angle, filled with something new – newer than new and older than forever echoes of forgotten glamour.

I will post more pictures later. More words probably later. But for now, just had to get it down. Just wish my kids had seen it.