The beginnings of my collection of sandplay figures.

Can you really improve your sex life by playing in a sandbox with tiny little toys?

I’m betting on it! In just a couple of weeks I’ll begin training in Sandplay Therapy, an expressive play therapy based on Jungian psychology. This technique was first developed for children but has since been used with adults with good results – bringing relief to even such troubling conditions as PTSD and dementia. Like hypnosis, sandplay provides an opportunity for the subconscious to productively burble its messages up to the surface. Like hypnosis, sandplay is also said to invoke a sort of mild trance state.

I have seen how some of my clients still struggle with blockages around their sexual feelings or behavior, even with the use of hypnosis. I’m hoping that combining sandplay with hypnosis and sex counseling will provide more opportunity for some clients to break old patterns and establish and enjoy new ones. I have a gut feeling that some people, even those struggling as pre-orgasmic, or those with erectile dysfunction, may find growth and healing with this process. I am already understanding that what I’ll be exploring is “Sexological Sandplay.”

The idea is to present opportunities for clients to do a series of trays, and through this process achieve an understanding of patterns, themes, and archetypes. As I embark on this training, I am hoping to view and analyze about 40 trays done by various people, including myself. I am very happy to be training with Gail Onion, a wise and talented Jungian therapist here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Yoni “treasure caves” for sandplay. Handmade by Amy Marsh.

One of the joys of preparing for this training has been the process of unearthing hundreds of little figures scattered around my house in closets, drawers, and boxes. Most of them are discarded children’s toys. A few are figurines I’ve inherited and kept because they remind me of someone I’ve loved. Some, like the Yoni Treasure Caves above, are things I am making. As a sexologist, I need a collection of adult and erotic themed figures – along with the usual collection of tiny people, animals, trees, rocks, buildings, and transportation figures. I can’t find a lot of what I need and want, so many will be things I’ll have to make.

Even so, I now have a modest collection of figures, the special blue-lined tray, and clean, non-toxic sand. I am ready to learn!

Please contact me if you have an interest in discounted sandplay sessions, while I am training.