I am extremely busy preparing my answers to sex and romance questions for the first segment of the Ask Dr. Amy show! The show airs Jan. 15th on the Romance Broadcasting Network, Live 365. I’m thrilled to be involved in this new network, and to be doing this weekly show. Listeners will be able to send in questions, which I’ll answer on the air. I’ll also be covering a multitude of topics related to sex, relationships, romance, and sexual health. Later I plan to add book and media reviews, and interviews with colleagues and experts.

Each week I’ll be posting references, studies, and resources related to the questions I answer and the topics I address. I want my listeners to know exactly why I answer questions the way I do, and to have access to the best information I can provide. I think you’ll find this a valuable addition to the show – and to your own quest for sexual pleasure, intimacy, and wholeness. More later!