Intrepid sexologists from the future defeat sex-negative foes!
Intrepid sexologists from the future defeat sex-negative foes!

I’m approaching my search for meaningful, part-time work in the spirit of that old song, “all of me, why not take all of me?” …including my sense of humor (as per my mutated comic book cover, above.) I plan to either stay in the SF Bay Area or move to Hawai’i island.

What is it that I do? Well… sex counseling and education, for one. Teaching sexology for another. I am a hypnotist and hypnosis instructor. I develop online curricula and teach in Moodle; write (everything from advertising copy to research papers); create beautiful graphic materials – brochures, website graphics, and so forth; know how to “work” social media (though I’m behind on Instagram); manage and produce events; and basically can rise to the occasion in most situations – coming up with practical, cost-effective ways to do things, within a budget and a deadline. I am a capable administrator.

I’m a polymath – personally, professionally, academically. In addition to my two doctorates in human sexuality (one professional, one academic), I have a human services paraprofessional certificate from Berkeley City College, as well as training in non-profit fundraising from University of San Francisco. Free clinic pregnancy counseling, doula work, and vocational nurses training are way back in my past. So is starting a family business, working as a copywriter at The Sharper Image, and working my way up through the ranks at a public opinion research/public affairs consulting firm. Did I mention I co-founded an organization to promote women’s involvement in outer space exploration? Or made wearable art out of vinyl in the 80s?

Oh, yeah, and I was in a band… (that was the 80s too.)

There’s so much more.

The short version of my CV is eight pages long. The longer version has details on volunteer work and event production. Much of what’s on my CV was and is accomplished, mind you, during the half of my life that I’ve lived as a person with multiple chemical sensitivities (environmental illness) and chronic fatigue. Because of this hidden disability, I’ve learned to be super-focused and creative when my energy and health are “up” and to manage my time and resources accordingly. Spoon theory spoken here.

Somewhere, there’s a place for me – all of me – to work and contribute. I have a bevy of useful skills. I seek a part-time position, in a safe, sane and consensual workplace, where I can use the broadest array of my skills, in a human and humane place where people make sense when they speak, seldom yell, and share a vision for the common good. (And I need to work in a place free of fragrance, in order to breathe and function.)

If you’d like to hire me, or know someone else who might, please fill out the contact form below. Please do NOT fill out this form if you’re just going to write something silly or insulting or spammy. Thanks, ever so!