Hypnosis at Home – How to Improve Your Family’s Health and Happiness with Relaxation, Imagery, and Loving Words

I am happy to announce a free workshop taking place in Kamuela-Waimea, Hawai’i Island in the month of May. Here’s a description of the program:

We all know words have a powerful effect on our emotions and subconscious, affecting our self-esteem, as well as on our health.This fun, interactive workshop teaches basic hypnosis and guided imagery skills that can be used in family life – with children and teens – and in your intimate relationship. Learn how a few short minutes of relaxation, soothing words, and loving imagery can help manage stress and create more harmony and health in your home life. Also learn simple self-hypnosis and mind-body skills that can be used by most family members.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015. 5:30-7:00 PM.

Tutu’s House:

64-1032 Mamalahoa Highway ● Kamuela, Hawai`i

(808) 885-6777