In the flurry of selling my home in the SF Bay Area, packing, moving, relocating, and then adjusting to my new life, I have completely neglected this blog. But I knew the hunger to write would begin to catch up with me as soon as I caught my breath! And so it has!

It’s not easy to begin again, all over again, in a new place. To take up a new life, to re-establish my sexology and hypnosis practice, to make and find friends… And yet I’m in the best possible place to try to do this – Pahoa, a little town south of Hilo on the lush, rainy East Side of Hawai’i island (the “big” one).

I live in the middle of ‘ohia lehua trees, orchids, coconut palms, hibiscus, ti plants, torch ginger, and many other plants (including the invasive strawberry guava, which I hope can redeem itself by producing fruit later in the summer). I also live in the middle of mosquitos and cocqui frogs, and at night sometimes patrol for toxic cane toads (which I release elsewhere). My basement and yard is home to eight feral cats (two adult moms, two teenage cats, and four kittens), which I gladly feed. My own indoor cats hunt cockroaches and geckos, as well as the occasionally idiotic coqui. Mynah birds nest under the eaves of my roof and are doing something weirdly destructive there – as I can hear them pulling stuff apart.

It’s wet here. Always damp. The rain makes several passes a day, sometimes coming down in bathtubs of water which pound my metal roof. If I ever write more extensively about this part of my life, I will call it “Life Underwater.” But after California’s scary drought, I surely cannot complain!

I no longer hear BART trains running a few blocks away, or the incessant din of freeway traffic. It’s birdsong all day long and frog song the whole night through. There are few cars, and very seldom anything as noisy as a helicopter or a motorcycle.

I live in perhaps the most sexually diverse place in all of Hawai’i – apparently the best and fastest growing “gayborhood” around, and chock full of tantrikas to boot – yet the pace is very, very relaxed. The classic hypnosis induction, “you are getting sleepy,” is unneccesary here. It’s all too easy to nap.

I’m beginning to find friends and colleagues and hope to find more! Now what I mostly need here are clients. I just started working out of Hinano Healing Arts Center at 465 Hinano Street in Hilo, and I adore the people who are in practice there! But if I can’t make my rent each month, I’ll have to leave. So… this is a shout-out to the universe! Hypnosis and sexology clients, come make an appointment with me! I’m in the office on Fridays! In fact, I also teach low-cost classes Friday afternoons at Hinano Healing Arts. Check Hinano’s Facebook page for more info about the emotional safety classes coming up on Friday 15, 22, and 29 from 5-6 PM. $5 suggested donation.

Find info on my general wellness hypnosis and post-partum doula services here: Healthy Hawai’i Hypnosis. While you’re at it, please check out my business profile at!

I’m still offering hypnosis certification and sexological hypnosis training, online and in person, through the Intimate Hypnosis Training Center. New classes are starting August 1.

And my usual array of sexuality counseling services are here: Dr. Amy Marsh, Sexologist .

More to come. A hui hou!