Graphic from hi Indiegogo page.

Oct. 30, 2018 Update: The Indigogo compaign was a success. I’ve now got my unit and the product is now in its second run of production! See my affiliate page. 

Feb. 14, 2018 Update:  The hi® full-body massager/vibrator, from Women and Couples is doing a second Indigogo funding campaign.

Frankly and unapologetically, I’d still love to promote this new product – the hi® full-body massager/vibrator – which was originally launched via an Indigogo campaign, with product delivery promised for Dec. 2016. Sadly, the campaign only reached about half its goal but now the developers are back with a campaign that’s already hit 44% of its $50,000 goal. [Disclosure: I’m listed on the new campaign page as one of the hi® instructors.]

There really is more to this product than “just” another orgasm or “just” another great way to relax your aching neck and shoulders. Here’s an excerpt from the Indigogo page:

There’s more to pleasure than just the clitoral head; there’s actually five different nerves known to be tied to orgasm, and each requires separate care and stimulation. Unlike wands, rabbits, or other bargain-bin sex toys, the hi® stimulates every single one of these nerves all at the same time.

This is a “complete” orgasm.

How does the hi® do what other toys can’t? The secret is in the dual heads that provide both traditional vibration and percussion which stimulate your entire vulva, including the g spot, all at the same time. The hi® has been refined over the last eight years, with the help of over 2,600 [cis] women who’ve personally tested it, and has given [cis] women some of the best orgasms of their entire lives.”

As you can imagine, this product gets plenty of press!

The page for the previous IndieGoGo campaign says the product was “created by clinical sexologists with backgrounds in neuroscience” but was originally designed to help the inventor’s wife with painful post-surgical adhesions. The abdominal orgasm effect, in [cis] women, was a apparently a surprise when they tried the first prototypes.

But, as the Indigogo page says, it’s not just for [cis] women. [Cis] men can use it too. My only reservation is that the marketing of this product is very “cis-centric” and gender binary. However, I would venture to say that it could be used effectively and pleasurably by people of any gender(s). 

Here’s more campaign copy, with my comments added in brackets:

“hi® was originally created for [cis] women.  However, [cis] women and [cis] men can receive amazing full body massages [and probably non-cis people too].  Plus, we provide a free online training program with hi® that shows easy to learn skills that can help you become an amazing lover.  In these classes, we introduce intimate techniques that can also give [cis] men [and probably trans men] new unforgettable experiences with hi®.

This includes how to use hi®, special massages without hi®, programs sharing ways to express your needs without feeling embarrassed, and a unique program that’s an enhancement of the techniques create by pioneer sexologists, Masters and Johnson.  These are life-long skills that will pay off for years to come. It’s never too soon to learn how to make your partner happier.”

This is a graphic from the previous campaign:

I am fascinated by this product for a number of reasons. The original Indiegogo campaign said that, “due to the unique way hi® works, there’s great interest in using it to help [cis] women who are victims of clitoral circumcision (genital mutilation, or FGM).” [Again, my comments added in brackets.] That’s a rather breathtaking prospect! I also think it may be useful for some pre-orgasmic clients who have inhibitions about using sex toys. And the various power levels could also be useful for people who have either hyper- or hypo-sensitivity to touch. So I see this product as having a distinct therapeutic value, as well as a pleasurable and relaxing one.

Another thing I like about this product and company is that they have developed a course for sexologists to train people how to use it, as well as the above mentioned consumer/user educational programs.

I look forward to seeing this new campaign get fully funded and having an actual product delivery!