My first kumu hula (hula teacher) enjoyed explaining the sexy secret meanings of many Hawaiian songs (mele), and hinano was one of those sexy references. Hinano is the pollen from the hala flower and is a reputed aphrodisiac, used orally and topically. So of course I experience wonder and delight at the fact that I now practice out of a health clinic located on Hinano Street in Hilo! What could be more fitting?

But things are different here. It’s taking me a while to understand the differences in practicing as a sexuality counselor/sexologist here on Hawai’i Island. There’s only one other sexologist on this island. Even hypnosis is less well known than in California, which is somewhat surprising considering there are a lot of other kinds of alternative practitioners. In fact, it seems that every other person I meet is a massage therapist, accupuncturist, naturopath, or chiropractor!

Hawai’i island is economically depressed, and the east and south sides of it are particularly difficult places to earn a living. People really struggle here. I’ve had to lower my fees to about half of what I charged in California. I also have a sliding scale (which I also had in CA). More people with disposable income live in the northern and western parts of this island, including Kamuela-Waimea, Waikoloa, and North Kona (where there are a lot of posh resorts).

So I think I’ve got to go “holoholo” (travelling) to these other areas at least two-three days a month. Finding a place to practice, however – and then establishing that part-time practice – is going to be rough. A camper van fitted out like an office would be ideal – I could just park and practice! Or maybe I should get a canopy and ask to plunk it on a friend’s land in Kamuela-Waimea, and see people there?

Whatever I do, it seems that some greater mobility is in my future – so that I go to my clients rather than always have them come to me! Of course, or Skype are also options, but most people here want to see you face to face first. And that’s how I like it too.

If anyone has a line on hourly treatment room rentals outside of Hilo and Pahoa on Hawai’i Island, please do get in touch!