Reblogging this post by Dr. David Ley, with permission, as it is of the utmost importance to bring critical thinking to bear on this topic. Thank you, Dr. Ley, for your thoughtful critique on behalf of clients, patients, and consumers.


Dr. David Ley

The  below post was originally published on Psychology Today. However, IITAP, and the sex addiction gurus who profit from the SDI, threatened Psych Today and forced them to take it down. I don’t blame the editors at Psychology Today. Indeed, I had predicted this would happen, and wrote the editors in advance, to warn them that they should anticipate such threats. Unfortunately, groups such as Psychology Today are quite vulnerable to such threats, and the cost/time/energy required to defend themselves against claims of libel, defamation or other such legal bullying.

I wrote this article, not to attack IITAP or any specific individuals. Instead, I wrote it due to my concerns about patient who are vulnerable to exploitation and maltreatment by clinicians using an unsupported instrument in unethical ways. Prior to publishing it, I had the piece reviewed by no fewer than 5 statistical, research and sexuality experts, several of whom…

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