I’ve always been interested in reproductive health as well as sexual pleasure. So I’m very happy to announce my newest set of initials – CBS. It stands for Certified Breastfeeding Specialist™, and represents 90 hours of coursework and study through Lactation Education Resources. This is the first stage in continuing toward the International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) designation (a process requiring 500 supervised hours, more coursework, and which will probably take a couple of more years, at least).

Meanwhile, within the appropriate scope of practice for CBS (see below), I hope to work with all kinds of families here on the “Lower East Side” of Hawai’i Island – bringing sex-positive, “lifestyle”-positive, and diverse gender-positive breastfeeding support to people who may feel otherwise constrained and/or closeted when working with a lactation professional during this sensitive time of their lives.

My fee is $35 per hour, with sliding scale offered for those who need it. Office hours at Hinano Healing Arts Center in Hilo, and weekend consultations by phone or online (Zoom.us or Skype).