While small business people don’t generally have opportunities to take “sabbaticals” (paid or unpaid), that’s what feels necessary for me right now, here at the very end of this tumultuous year, 2016.

The move to Hawai’i Island has been challenging both personally and professionally. I knew that hypnosis and sexuality counseling would be a “hard sell” here, for many reasons, but I still thought that the relative uniqueness (and usefulness!) of my services would draw a sufficient number of people to support a part-time practice.

I was wrong. Perhaps on the other, Western side of the island my gamble would have worked, but here in the economically depressed “Lower East Side” of Hawai’i, no such luck. In spite of the lovely location and support from the exceptional people at Hinano Healing Arts Center in Hilo, my practice has not taken off. In fact, after a year, it hasn’t even gotten near a runway!

I don’t see this as “failure” exactly, though it is discouraging. It’s more an example of “fit” – or rather – not fitting in!

And though I really learn a lot from doing client work, I have come to understand that I am much more excited when I am teaching (another form of learning). So one of the things I’ll be looking at over the next few months is whether or not I should discontinue client work and simply focus on doing online courses and in-person workshops, and finish that book I’ve been writing.

So, to those who have been my clients, it has been an honor. And for those who haven’t, come take a class! I hope to have this all sorted out, as well as a plan for relocation, by June 2017. Stay tuned!