Moving from Hawai’i back to California gives me the opportunity to rethink and refocus on what I’d like to offer in the next “incarnation” of my work as a sexuality counselor and hypnotist. When I think about what I’ve liked the best about this work, I realize I’ve always enjoyed creating and teaching workshops and online ¬†programs.

So as I prepare to create a new life and join a brand new community in Lake County, CA, it makes sense to offer educational programs first – and then see what I want to do about private client work.

I’ll be bringing some of my very favorite classes to Lake County:

Ipsalu Tantra Energy Yoga – a simple daily workout that combines movement, breath work, and simple meditation techniques to promote energetic fitness and health. One hour class.

Based on the research-based, “marriage education” curriculum, Secrets of Successful Couples is great for intimate multiples too! Address hidden expectations and conflict and learn communication skills to support your long term relationship(s). Classes are six-hours long, and can include some online instruction.

Erotic Hypnosis workshops are a fun way to gain a new set of fantasy and sensation skills to enrich your intimate relationships. Workshops may be 4-hours or 7-hours. Beginning and intermediate classes will be offered.

All classes and workshops are LGBTQI etc. welcoming. All consenting adult lifestyles and preferences are welcome. My classes are a “no shame, no hate” zone!

Check back soon for scheduling and locations!