Today I began moving office furniture and hanging my certificates in the new office, located on the Main Street in Upper Lake, CA. I feel completely charmed by the space as well as the community. This is also an important milestone for me. It is the first time I’m able to establish my own office, rather than coming into a space already decorated and managed by others.

This doesn’t mean I won’t be sharing the office. I am actively seeking therapists, bodyworkers, and other wellness professionals who will want to sublet on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays – as I intend to schedule my appointments Wednesdays through Saturdays. (The other days I’ll reserve for long distance, HIPPA-compliant, thera-LINK appointments.) In fact, thanks to a robust local network, I may already have someone to take the Sundays!

Welcome to Main Street, Upper Lake.

Upper Lake is a small town where many beautiful old buildings on the Main Street are being restored, mostly thanks to the man who is my landlord, Tony Oliveira. Tony Oliveira and his wife, Margie, run at least two antique stores on Main Street. The side of one building is even adorned with a much larger-than-life mural, the “Tony Oliveira Monument,” painted by Kent Twitchell. Some of the storefronts seem to be vacant or seldom open, but others such as the Blue Wing Saloon and Cafe and Upper Lake Mercantile, both part of the beautifully restored Tallman Hotel, seem to be thiving.

I’m going to enjoy meeting the other merchants on the street and discovering their wares: the deli, the two cafes, and I hear there is a fine massage therapist less than a block away from my office. I also have a special debt of gratitude to Crystal Harte, of Tytria’s Apothecary (this link is to her Etsy shop) who last week provided me with the opportunity to adopt my third cat, Freya. Last July, Crystal scooped a dehydrated kitten off the road, nursed her back to health, socialized her beautifully, and now this young cat is resting in my arms, purring, while I try to type this blog.


So you see, I am already having very positive experiences in Upper Lake! Much as I love the area where I’ve settled, there is nothing there but homes, trees, and a fabulous view (and my three cats). By commuting to Upper Lake to see clients, I’ll be among people again, with new things to see and experience.

Upper Lake is also conveniently near Lakeport and about 30 minutes from Ukiah, which I have yet to explore. And it doesn’t take long to travel to Upper Lake from Clearlake Oaks, Glenhaven, Lucerne, and Nice.

I feel incredibly blessed and happy right now. I cannot wait to welcome my first client to my charming new office! Who will it be? Will it be you?