I’m reviving my old Blog Talk Radio podcast., Love’s Outer Limits. Today I launched Part One of “Lonely in Lake County CA.” There is so much to say on this topic!

In rural, impoverished Lake County CA, almost 1 in 5 people are over the age of 65, which is twice the percentage in the rest of California. And that population is expected to double or maybe even triple in the next several years.

There are many studies that demonstrate the problems of isolation and loneliness for seniors, as well as the correlation to suicide. In Lake County we also have a suicide rate here of 2.5 times the state and national average.

Connecting these dots does not present a rosy future! It’s a live-call in show, so your comments are welcome on the air!


Update: Here’s the archived recording if you missed the first show, which took place on Nov. 22, 2018.

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