I’ve been trying to get this problem solved, off and on, since 2015. Despite having been a consistent member with a consistent sexuality counselor certification, I’ve been unable to get my directory listing and profile to “stabilize” in the AASECT “Find a Professional” directory.

Now I think it’s finally worked, as the organization’s IT contractor finally got around to finding and fixing the bug that was erasing me. (See screen shot below).

There are only eleven certified sexuality counselors in CA (and there are others who are certified therapists and educators), so you’d think we’d be in more demand. At least, I used to think that and wonder why I wasn’t getting more calls. I didn’t realize my profile was doing a disappearing act for the last four or more years.

A big thank you to the AASECT staff who finally got through to the IT contractor… And a thank you to whoever finally got around to fixing it.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 3.54.36 PM