I’m so excited! I am taking my first steps toward beginning the certification process in Dr. Gina Ogden’s “4-Dimensional Wheel of Sexual Experience” work.

I did this by joining the 4-D Network, a community of “licensed therapists, psychologists, sex therapists, counselors, educators, coaches, and other healers who use the engaging and innovative 4-Dimensional Wheel of Sexual Experience as an interactive map to guide their clients to explore the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of their relationships and lives” (quote from the 4-D Network homepage). And also by completing the first required online course, Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy – Intro to the 4-D Wheel with Dr. Gina Ogden.

To be honest, during this pandemic isolation, I’ve been soul-searching about my work as a clinical sexologist/sexuality counselor/hypnotist. For the last couple of years I’ve been feeling burnt-out and a bit stale–even a bit grumpy–about sexuality as a topic of professional interest and this has been exacerbated by pandemic conditions, living alone for months without human contact or touch. However my explorations into animist psychology, western magic, ritual, and eclectic neopagan traditions have been much more rewarding and fun. I’ve been wanting to weave together some of what I do as a sexologist/hypnotist with some of what I do in my spiritual explorations but have lacked the appropriate framework for clinical work. (Yes, I’ve studied western neo-tantra and while it’s interesting, it’s not quite “it” or “all there is” for me.)

I once took a workshop with Gina Ogden and Patty Britton at the 2014 AASECT conference in Monterey–and enjoyed what I learned about her “ISIS Wheel” concept (now known as “4-D”) but I didn’t pursue training with her for various physical, logistical, and financial reasons. Sadly, Dr. Ogden died in 2018, so I missed getting to know her. However her students and colleagues have now created what looks to be a vibrant vehicle (the 4-D Network) for growing their community and bringing this work to new students, therapists, and healers. After attending a meeting earlier this week, speaking with one of the lead faculty, and completing the first online course, I am ready to dive in wholeheartedly!

The 4-D Wheel work addresses four “dimensions” of sexual experience: heart, spirit, mind, and body, beyond just an intake assessment. Dr. Ogden’s methods include skillful use of movement, symbolic objects, stories, and rituals to bring people to the understanding and integration they need in order to make change.

I see/feel the 4-D Wheel work as compatible with the ways I work as a hypnotist, including my occasional use of sand tray play as “imaginative lube” for subconscious exploration. My studies in forgiveness rituals, ancestral medicine, animist psychology, and western magic traditions may all come into play as well, in ways I cannot yet forsee.

Certification in the 4-D work consists of three core online classes, experiencing and then co-leading two workshops (probably online), and ten hours of supervision. I expect that I’ll be able to complete this within a year and a half.

So yes, I’m excited! If this way of working resonates with you, please do get in touch!