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Secrets of Successful Partners-Low Cost

Maximize Your Success with Proven Communication and Conflict Skills for Long-Term Relationships

Secrets of Successful Partners: July 14th, Lake County CA

Special low cost introductory class. Four-hours. Location TBA upon registration. 6 people minimum-10 people maximum. Workbooks $12 extra--order below. Email to enroll.


Secrets:Partners_Low Cost

Research-based Curriculum

Whether you’re just starting an important intimate relationship or have been in one for many years, you know that you’ll invest a lot of time and emotional energy for as long as your relationship lasts. Here’s a way to maximize your success and increase your happiness together. Secrets of Successful Partners courses are largely founded on the research-based, famous PREP curriculum. I am a trained PREP workshop leader.

I’ve also added sexuality and intimacy lessons to this course.

These courses are so useful that I strongly recommend them as a precursor to partner counseling and therapy. This kind of education can help prepare you for a better outcome by giving you and your partner(s) shared tools and a common approach to solving problems.

Here’s information about PREP courses from their website:

PREP curricula are scientifically based

The strategies of PREP are based on the growing body of research on marital and family health. The PREP Approach is based on over 30 years of research in the field of marital health and success, with much of the specific research conducted at the University of Denver and funded by the National Institute of Mental Health.

PREP works to regularly refine their strategies and materials based on ongoing research being conducted by various social scientists around the world. As research reveals more about relationships, PREP incorporates the latest most useful (and robust) findings into their program.

While some of the values underlying strong and healthy relationships are timeless (e.g., respect, commitment, forgiveness), there is always more to learn about helping couples and individuals to become more resilient. As well as providing cutting edge knowledge, PREP also refines its educational strategies for teaching adult learners.

PREP has been studied intensively for over two decades

Over the years PREP curricula have been evaluated by six different research teams and its effectiveness has been studied in four different countries. PREP, Inc., is among the very few curricula providers who can say that we offer curricula that have demonstrated beneficial effects in accordance with highly rigorous scientific standards for dissemination. To browse the list of PREP’s articles on effectiveness click here.

Prep.Inc Workbooks for Secrets of Successful Partners

Must order one month in advance of class.


Workshops (6-12 Attendees Required)

Secrets of Successful Partners: Four-Hour Workshop

Regular tuition.


$60 Per person for 7-hour workshops.

Secrets of Successful Partners: Seven-Hour Workshop

Regular Price.


Secrets of Successful Couples, Six-Hours, Taped

Taped version of an earlier version of this course. After payment, email for access to the MP3s.



All workshops and sessions are fragrance-free.


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