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Erection Difficulties

Are you worried about your erections? And is that worry taking the fun away from sex?

If you worry about your erections when you’re having sex, you are not alone. Whether you’re in your twenties, thirties, or far older, you might be struggling with unreal expections and fears of rejection, based simply on how your penis behaves!

The good news is, unless there are medical causes or complications (such as poor circulation resulting from diabetes), most worries about erections can be solved, resulting in greater enjoyment. I can’t guarantee you an unrealistic outcome, such as a rock hard penis that lasts for hours, but I can help you to discover a greater sense of sexual self-confidence and sexual strategies for accepting and dealing with the normal fluctuations of male erections. Through sex counseling, coaching, hypnosis, and adult sex ed, I can help you discover the keys to greater enjoyment and sexual self-confidence.

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