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Erotic Hypnosis Instruction

Learn Entrancing Erotic Hypnosis For Love, Sex, and Romance

Enhance your intimacy and sex life with hypnosis skills and the power of your erotic imagination. Entrancing Erotic Hypnosis is a fabulous way to bring more physical pleasure, variety, fantasies, role play and much more–using only the power of your mind and voice. This is also a great way to enjoy sex and intimacy for people who have physical mobility, aging, and health issues.

Please check this website again for upcoming workshops and online classes.

And please do attend all on-site classes fragrance-free! Thank you!

Erotic Hypnosis – Half and Full Day Workshops, On Site. No workshops planned right now. Please check back again.

Beginning and intermediate erotic hypnosis workshops taught by Dr. Amy Marsh.

Learn hypnosis to enhance bonding, affection, pleasure and fantasy. It’s easy to do, and fun to try. We make it easy for you to succeed with scripts, safety tips, ethics, ideas, and practice!

On-site Workshops (8-12 Attendees Required)

$35 per person for half-day (4-hour) workshop.

$75 per person for full-day (7-hour) workshop.

Private, Online Class (Standard Workshop Curriculum) in Beginning or Intermediate Erotic Hypnosis, via thera-LINK

$60.00 per person per hour. 4-hour session minimum.

Customized Curriculum, via thera-LINK

$80.00 per person per hour. 4-hour session minimum.

Hypnosis for Adult Sexual Concerns








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