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Erotic Hypnosis For Lovers


Private, Online Classes

Beginning or Intermediate Erotic Hypnosis

Please email to schedule private, online instruction.

Learn affectionate, romantic, and erotic hypnosis basics online! Plan for at least four hour-long sessions to learn the basics. Must be 18+. Pay tuition and then contact dr.amymarshsexologist at to get online invitation/registration.

Hot & Hypnotic: Private Class, One-Hour

Online or in-person.



Full Day Erotic Hypnosis Workshops

Spring Dates TBA…Lake County, CA or Eugene, OR


Classes in Erotic Hypnosis For Love, Sex, and Romance

This is my very favorite thing to teach!

Erotic hypnosis is a great way to enhance your sex life, no matter your age, physical condition, health. All you need is your imagination and your voice to enjoy greater intimacy and pleasure, alone or partnered. Romantic and erotic hypnosis is a fabulous way to bring more affection, physical pleasure, variety, fantasies, role play and much more!

People who have physical mobility, disability, aging, and health issues find that erotic hypnosis is a great way to continue a pleasurable and rewarding sex life.

These classes are for people who wish to explore erotic hypnosis within their own relationships. I’ve taught people in California, Hawai’i, and online! It’s easy and fun to learn, and I can show you how!

If you’d like to learn a little more about erotic hypnosis before signing up for an online class or workshop, you can enjoy these podcast interviews:

How to Be a Hot and Hypnotic Lover — I’m interviewed by Dr. Martha Tara Lee.

Erotic Hypnosis with Dr. Amy Marsh — I’m interviewed by Dr. Nazanin Moali

List to a Free Lecture on You Tube: Five Ways Erotic Hypnosis Helps Couples

Spring Dates TBA. Half and Full Day Workshops


Learn hypnosis to enhance bonding, affection, pleasure and fantasy. It’s easy to do, and fun to try.  You’ll get scripts, safety tips, ethics, ideas, and practice!

Please attend all on-site classes fragrance-free (no essential oils, scented lotions, hair products, deodorants, etc.)

On-site Workshops (Minimum of 6-8 Attendees Required)

Hot & Hypnotic: Four-Hour Workshop

Group Workshop, on-site. Beginner or Intermediate class.


Hot & Hypnotic: Seven-Hour Workshop

Group Workshop, on-site. Beginner or Intermediate class.


Check back again for future classes!


Hot&Hypnotic Consent Script

3. HotHypnotic Safety and Trust

4. HotHypnotic Planning Script, Scene

5a. HotHypnotic Dr.Flowers







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