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For Men Only

Please read this link, including the original post, to find out why I’ve adopted these policies.

I will work with cis-gendered*, single male clients with the following criteria in place:

  1. You contact me through email only, giving your first and last name, a telephone number, and your time zone. You do not send photos of any kind (not even of your dog). If you contact me by phone, I will not return the call.
  2. You fill out and return the intake forms that I send you, with correct information, and send a PDF copy of your driver’s license.
  3. You pay for four sessions (5 hours) through PayPal ($400.00), upfront, at least one week before the first scheduled appointment. If any of the intake information proves to be false, no refunds will be given.
  4. You agree to do any advance reading that I recommend, and actually do it, before the sessions.
  5. If there is even a hint of sexual harrassment or inappropriate behavior, I will terminate the session and no refunds will be given.
  6. The first four sessions are online only, via Skype or Webex or Thera-Link, even if you live in Lake County.
  7. In person sessions are scheduled at my discretion. It is possible all our work will remain online.

You will be asked to sign and date an agreement containing the above conditions, along with my usual disclosure agreement. These conditions are designed to weed out “pretend clients” and sexual harrassers. They are also designed to show you can follow instructions and do “homework,” both of which are important in addressing whatever sexual concerns you are bringing as a presenting problem. Thank you.


*Cis-gendered means you are comfortable with your gender assigned at birth.

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