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Online and Free for POC & Trans/GV

Because I’m concerned about individual and community health and wellness, and disparities in health care, I’ve decided to formalize something I’ve offered all along in my practice: free and low cost hypnosis sessions for people in “marginalized” (traumatized!) communities. (I’ve also got a sliding scale for people who are on low, fixed incomes, if you are not part of the communities below.)

Starting April 24th, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I will keep my calendar open to provide FREE, 1-hour, hypnosis ONLINE sessions for people of color/indigenous people (a form of #reparation) and for trans and gender variant (GV, gender diverse) people who live anywhere in the U.S (states and territories) and/or the Occupied Kingdom of Hawai’i. Three free sessions per person. The sessions will take place in a confidential, HIPPA-complaint, fully-encrypted online “office” through thera-LINK.


Hypnosis can complement (not replace) what you already do for your physical and mental health. It has a long history of demonstrated effectiveness for many conditions and is well-documented in peer-reviewed literature.

These hypnosis sessions can be for stress management (including the stress of living in a racist and/or transphobic society); encouragement of health and wellness practices (e.g. motivation for a new exercise program); to help manage certain aspects of some medical or physiological conditions (e.g. IBS, menopausal “hot flashes;” preparation for medical, surgical or dental procedures); habit control such as smoking cessation; childbirth preparation; post-partum stress; and so on. Please see the Hypnosis page for more information.

If you are interested in making an appointment, I need a 24-hour notice so I can send you my intake form and informational handout, and then get you access via thera-LINK. (No same day appointments, please. If you have an emergency, contact your health provider or 911.) Please email me at I look forward to hearing from you!


P.S. My medical conditions of asthma and environmental illness, which are caused by explosure to fragrances and other toxins, make it difficult for me to do “on-site” volunteer work, so online service is what I can offer.

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