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Beyond Love’s Outer Limits

I co-host a podcast with M.Christian called “Love’s Outer Limits.” It was originally a continuation of the weekly column I used to write for the late, great Carnal Nation (a NSFW online sex publication).

However there are a few other ways in which I’ve taken sexology beyond its ordinary boundaries. I like to explore unusual topics. You can see some of them, below.

Spiritu-Intimacy, Spectrosexuality, and God Spousery

This is an exploration of human-spirit sex and intimacy. It’s a fascinating topic which has occupied people in other areas of academia for quite a long time but doesn’t show up much in sexology/sex therapy circles. Aside from the topic in general, clinically I am interested in how to support people who have had these experiences.

See this website: Spiritu-Intimacy.

Objectum Sexuality – Human-Object Sex and Intimacy

Objectum Sexuality study published in 2009.

This article was based on a non-scientific survey of English speaking members of Objectum Sexuality Internationale. In the article, I suggested that the orientation toward objects could be an eroticized version of object personification synesthesia. I also noted the number of OS people who were on the autism spectrum, reporting either a diagnosis or feelings that they had significant traits.

This article resulted in appearances on Good Morning America, National Geographic Taboo (twice!), Tyra Banks, and Australia’s Channel 7 Sunday Night, as well as countless articles from around the world.

Ten years later, Judith Simner, James E.A. Hughes, and Noam Sagiv published in Nature Scientific Reports: Objectum sexuality: A sexual orientation linked with autism and synesthesia. My suggestion was correct. My paper is cited in this study. That was a happy day for me when I found this article!

I have other sexological interests besides these, including western neo-tantra, erotic hypnosis, and hypnosis for sex problems.

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