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hi® Massager: Come and Get it!

I’ve got my mine.

Now you get yours! (Click here for a $100 discount.)

Update: Check out my first product review!

Click the banner above for more info. (No discount on the banner as yet.) And if you’d like to read a gazillion articles about this product, go here.

A couple of years ago I blogged about this product while it was going through devlopment and its first crowdfunding campaign. There were some bumps in the road for the company, and sadly, we were all forced to wait a bit longer to get our hands on this new, body-loving device.

But now the hi® Massager has arrived, just in time for those stressful holidays coming up! My unit came in an attractive zippered tote bag, with power cord and instructions. My only complaint so far is that my particular unit has a high pitched hum that is.a bit annoying (I’m sensitive to such things), but I am talking with the company to see if it happens to be a defective unit in that way. Others have told me their machine is very quiet.

I’ll be posting a more detailed review of the hi® Massager very soon. Meanwhile, check out the testimonials page!

Disclosure: Yes, I am an affiliate, so please do buy through this link on this website! You’ll get $100 off the purchase price of the product, PLUS I’ll give you $20 off any online session you book with me! Thank you!




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