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Hypnosis Classes and Sessions

FlamingJune-LordLeightonHypnosis has long been used as an effective way to encourage healthy habits and feelings of well-being, confidence and relaxation. Hypnosis has is also used to assist with a variety of medical conditions (complementing medical treatment from a licensed provider). 

Here are two sample hypnosis recordings (don’t listen to them while driving or operating machinery, please!)

For a wonderful way to “re-set” your levels of health, function, or worry/pain, try this recording:

For a quick boost to your feelings of wellbeing, here is an example of Dr. Marsh’s “hyperemperia” recording for heightened awareness and confidence. (If you have a fear of heights, however, you might not want to listen to this one)

Hypnosis Sessions

It’s possible and easy to experience an effective hypnosis session online. Dr. Marsh has worked with many long-distance clients. Please see the Fees page for more info.

You can make an appointment with Dr. Marsh if you are someone who:

  • experiences too much stress in your life;
  • wants to overcome a habit (like smoking or nail-biting);
  • would like help in managing your weight:
  • suffers from emotional distress due to acute or chronic conditions;
  • would like additional help with palliative care (end of life care);
  • seeks a more comfortable pregnancy and childbirth;
  • wants to boost your self-esteem and confidence;
  • wants additional ways to control or manage pain (Dr.’s referral letter needed);
  • wants to relax while taking an important exam;
  • wants to improve your athletic performance;
  • are preparing for surgery, medical, or dental procedures;
  • are hampered by stage fright or writer’s block;
  • suffers from menopausal hot flashes;
  • wants help with grieving;
  • wishes to explore personal growth and transformation using hypnosis and hypnotic journeying;
  • wants to learn self-hypnosis and other mind-body skills for personal use;
  • and more!

The first appointment is always two hours long, to allow time for a comprehensive discussion of what’s troubling you, and to allow time for hypnosis! Depending on your issue(s), you might want to think in terms of four to six sessions, which will include learning self-hypnosis skills so you can continue at home.

If you want to know more about the scientific assessment of hypnosis, you’ll find more information on the Hypnosis Scientific Studies page (from the Intimate Hypnosis Training Center website). Check this page often, as more studies will be added on a regular basis!

Hypnosis Classes


Hypnosis at Home (above) offers a range of simple hypnosis and mind-body skills you can use at home, and teach to your family. Even children can learn!

Hot Flash Hypnosis (below) is based on the Baylor University studies of self-hypnosis to manage hot flashes.

Classes are usually 1 or 1.5 hours. Check back soon to see when these classes will be scheduled in Lake County or online. $5-$10 sliding scale donation asked.


California Hypnosis Disclaimer

As required by California Business and Professions code, sections 2051, 2052, and 2053, specifically 2053.5, the following information is provided:

Nothing in this web site is intended to hold out, state, indicate or imply that Amy Marsh is a physician and/ or a surgeon. (Dr. Marsh holds two doctorate degrees in human sexuality – but these are professional and academic, not medical!)

Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists are not licensed by the State of California and are not medical practitioners.

Treatment with hypnosis/hypnotherapy is complementary to healing art services licensed by the state. The hypnotherapist/hypnotist does not diagnose, cure, or treat in any way, medical conditions, illnesses, or diseases. Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy is not the practice of medicine, psychology or psychiatry, and is not in any way intended to be a replacement for diagnosis or treatment of any complaint or ailment.  Persons with mental disabilities or mental illnesses should seek psychiatric care.



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