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I work with adults only, of any gender and any sexual orientation. Your presenting concern might be a “sexual dysfunction” (such as vaginismus or problems with erections), shame, body image issues, fantasies, sexual enrichment questions, orgasm difficulties, gender issues, preferences (including asexuality), and/or the impact of aging or chronic health conditions on sexuality, and so on.

I only work within the context of consensual adult behavior and relationships.

Plan on a 4-6 session program, which will be customized for your needs and interests.

Individual cis-gendered men are subject to these conditions, and are asked to purchase 4-sessions in advance, to screen out sexual harrassment perpetrators and fake prospective clients.

Partnered Relationships: Couples & Intimate Multiples

People in partnered relationships may be of any gender or sexual orientation, and may range from monogamous partnerships to open and non-monogamous relationships (and everything in-between!). In addition to the above individual concerns, partners may also need to manage shared conflicts around desire, communication, or sexual exploration and enrichment.

Recommendation for Partner Counseling Sessions:

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Prior to sessions addressing the couple’s/multiple’s primary concerns, I strongly recommend that both/all partners to attend a two-hour version of her “Secrets of Successful Partners” class (based on PrepInc curriculum.). Based on my initial assessment, I may even require this from you, so that you can get the most from your sessions with me. This is to ensure that communication and conflict management skills are in place before attempting counseling work. This class creates the foundation for interaction both within and away from the counseling sessions. Though “couples” are referenced in the older version of the course, the principles are very adaptable for larger, intimate partnerships (poly, swinging, etc.).

  1. A pre-taped, two-hour, online version of her Secrets of Successful Couples/Prep. Inc. course. ($20.00). (Older version of Secrets of Successful Partners.)
  2. A private, live, two-hour, online version of this course, taught by Dr. Marsh. ($60.00).

If necessary, Dr. Marsh may recommend the full six-hour course, to ensure maximum opportunities for communcation success during the counseling phase. is a research-based course used world-wide.

  1. Pre-taped, six-hour, online version. ($75.00).
  2. A private, live, six-hour, online version of the course (taught in six sessions, 1 hour per session) ($180.00).

After successful completion of the class, sessions may be scheduled in the office or online through thera-LINK (HIPPA-compliant, fully-encrypted). Plan initially on four to six sessions, customized to your needs. (Sometimes work may be extended beyond six sessions.)

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