Amy Marsh, Sexologist & Hypnotist

Supporting Your Sexual Human Rights & Quest for Pleasure

Professional Courses

Objectum Sexuality for Clinicians

Free two-hour class on this site. Learn more about the rare sexual and relationship orientation called “Objectum Sexuality” (OS).

• Intimate Hypnosis Training Center

Dr. Marsh is a certified hypnosis instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists (100 hours) curriculum. Become certified through a hybrid course offering both online and onsite training.

Earn an additional certificate in her original class, Hypnosis for Sexual Concerns (150 hours).

• Sex Coach U and Sexology University

Dr. Marsh teaches two elective courses: #303 Ecosexology (12 hours) and #317 Intimate Hypnosis (17 hours).

Goodby to Creative Sexuality Education Corp. 

Sadly, Creative Sexuality Education Corp. is not operational as of May 2018. Dr. Marsh taught a variety of sexology classes online for both the general public and sexuality and professionals. Some of these courses will be revised and offered in other locations.


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