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Objectum Sexuality – Free Course


This page provides most of the resources from the online course, Objectum Sexuality – A Clinician’s Guide, previously found at Creative Sexuality. This is a 2-part, two-hour class.

This class was created several years ago and probably could use some updating. However, it still delivers some of “the basics.”

Please read my article, Love Among the Objectum Sexuals, as you take this self-directed class.

I also recommend you read When ‘‘3’’ is a Jerk and ‘‘E’’ is a King: Personifying Inanimate Objects in Synesthesia by Daniel Smilek, Kelly A. Malcolmson, Jonathan S. A. Carriere, Meghan Eller, Donna Kwan, and Michael Reynolds: Case Study-Object Personification. Smileketal2007

Part One

Part Two

Marsh Spectrum Objectum Sexuality

If you have any questions, please email me at dr.amymarsh at Thanks!


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