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January 2018: Satisfaction with Lake County Health Care Survey (n-116). Grassroots & Non-scientific.

Because I heard a lot of horror stories about the state of health care here in Lake County, I created this confidential survey to find out more, in preparation for grassroots action. A total of 116 people responded to the survey. I have shared all this data with members of two Lake County-focused Facebook groups. These two groups provided most or all of the respondents. Please note that (1) unfortunately no one from the Pomo communities of Lake County participated in this survey, so the respondents in the LC Tribal Health data subset should be presumed to be non-native and (2) there is no Kaiser in Lake County, so respondents in that subset overlap with the Outside Lake County subset.

This is the summary of all 116 responses (102 completed all questions):

Health Survey Data Summary_All_180125

Females – 93; Males – 22; Gender Queer – 1.



Ages: 4 in the 20-29 age range; 19 in the 30-39 age range; 10 in the 40-49 age range; 34 in the 50-59 age range; 49 in the over 60 age range.

Ages 20-29_Data_All_180209

Ages 30-39_Data_All_180209

Ages 40-49_Data_All_180209

Ages 50-59_Data_All_180125

Ages 60andOlder_All_180125

Health care providers: 46 people used Adventist health care; 28 used Sutter; 8 used Lakeview Clinic; 2 people went outside Lake County to use Kaiser; 6 people went to other providers outside Lake County; 8 people [presumed non-native] used Lake County Tribal Health Clinic; 1 person used Planned Parenthood.








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