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Sexological Hypnosis

Scientific literature and studies published in professsional journals all testify to the efficacy of hypnosis for various sexual concerns.

Hypnosis has a long history of effective use for many health and wellness issues, including sexual and reproductive health and various kinds of sexual concerns. Since 2008, hypnosis has been one of the most important tools in my sexology and sex counseling practice.

Sessions can be in person or online–both are effective.

Hypnosis Can Help With All Kinds of Sexual Problems

If you experience any of the following difficulties, you might find that even a few sessions of Sexological Hypnosis might make a difference for you:

  • difficulties with erections;
  • orgasm difficulties;
  • painful penetrative sex;
  • pelvic pain conditions such as vaginismus and vulvodynia;
  • sexual guilt and shame;
  • worries about “coming out,” or other sexual preference and gender concerns;
  • sexual desire that is “too low” or “too high”;
  • worries about body image and emotional turmoil associated with such issues as pelvic organ prolapse;
  • menopausal hot flashes;
  • lack of dating and/or social-sexual confidence;
  • and other medical conditions which affect sexual health and functioning.

Hypnosis can support surgical patients both pre- and post-operatively by delivering positive suggestions to diminish side-effects of anesthesia and other medication, decrease blood flow to incision sites, and promote rapid healing.

Hypnosis has benefited HIV AIDS patients by boosting immune systems and encouraging compliance with medical regimens. Hypnosis can help create a less painful or pain-free childbirth. There are so many ways in which hypnosis can assist! I have many studies and abstracts in my files that confirm solid positive results when hypnosis is used for a variety of problems.

Increase Sexual Pleasure and Variety

Hypnosis can also be used to create a more vibrant and pleasurable sex life, by exploring fantasies, increasing emotional and affectionate bonds, play with sensation, and more. I teach people how to use simple hypnosis techniques with their intimate partners.


Hypnosis Methods

I use many kinds of relaxing inductions to help you into a light state of alpha wave trance (though you might go deeper). I also use many methods to help you toward the results you desire and to promote your resilience and self-agency: internally imagined “body scans,” future progression, regression (carefully), and more. I also help you learn self-hypnosis to boost self-esteem, access inner wisdom, and other psychologically positive states.

One method I use for several different kinds of sexual concerns is a hypnotic version of Systematic Desensitization, developed by Joseph Wolpe, MD, in the 1950s. Systematic Desensitization has proven itself in many studies since then. It is well known in the field of psychology. And yes, it’s been used for sexual concerns too.

Here is an example of a blank worksheet I use to help my clients determine what elements of a problem are most upsetting. Once we sort them on a scale of 1-10, we begin to increase your ability to relax when confronted with the imagined triggers, step by step. We begin with the easiest and work toward the hardest. Eventually you are able diminish and control your fears–they do not control you.

Hypnotic Hierarchy Form

For example, if you are a person with non-medically caused erection or orgasm difficulties, think about how you will fill out such a worksheet.

As you can imagine, Systematic Desensitization sessions break down the problem into managable “bits.” This approach can help create confidence as the “easier” elements are solved first. This approach can eventually substantially diminish the fears and worries that might be preventing you from having your best sex life. When combined with sexuality counseling, this is a synergistic approach that works well for many.

Hypnosis does not take the place of medical or mental health care delivered by licensed professionals, but it can complement and assist many aspects of such care. It can also assist you in restablishing and maintaining healthy habits.

I Also Train Other Professionals in Sexological Hypnosis

My expertise is extensive. In addition to my private practice, I also teach a professional, 150-hour course in Sexological Hypnosis for people who already have 100 hours of hypnosis training and/or certification. (I do basic hypnosis certification training too.)


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