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Supporting Your Sexual Human Rights & Quest for Pleasure

Sexuality and Relationship Education for Adults

Enhance and enrich your pleasure and intimacy through Dr. Marsh’s classes and workshops! She has created numerous workshops and classes on a variety of topics, both in person and online. Please check this website for any scheduled workshops.

And please do attend all classes fragrance-free! Thank you!


Erotic Hypnosis – Four Hour and Full Day Workshops

Beginning and intermediate erotic hypnosis workshops taught by Dr. Amy Marsh.

Learn hypnosis to enhance bonding, affection, pleasure and fantasy. It’s easy to do, and fun to try. We make it easy for you to succeed with scripts, safety tips, ethics, ideas, and practice!

$35 for 4-hour class, $75 for full-day workshop.


Secrets of Successful Couples – Long Term Relationships and “Marriage Education”

Online and In-person instruction based on the famous Prep.Inc course for long-term relationships.

These courses are based on the research-based, PREP curriculum, but includes additional sexually-focused material from Dr. Marsh (who is also a trained PREP workshop leader). Here’s information about PREP courses from their website:

PREP curricula are scientifically based

The strategies of PREP are based on the growing body of research on marital and family health. The PREP Approach is based on over 30 years of research in the field of marital health and success, with much of the specific research conducted at the University of Denver and funded by the National Institute of Mental Health.

PREP works to regularly refine their strategies and materials based on ongoing research being conducted by various social scientists around the world. As research reveals more about relationships, PREP incorporates the latest most useful (and robust) findings into their program.

While some of the values underlying strong and healthy relationships are timeless (e.g., respect, commitment, forgiveness), there is always more to learn about helping couples and individuals to become more resilient. As well as providing cutting edge knowledge, PREP also refines its educational strategies for teaching adult learners.

PREP has been studied intensively for over two decades

Over the years PREP curricula have been evaluated by six different research teams and its effectiveness has been studied in four different countries. PREP, Inc., is among the very few curricula providers who can say that we offer curricula that have demonstrated beneficial effects in accordance with highly rigorous scientific standards for dissemination. To browse the list of PREP’s articles on effectiveness click here.

$35 for 4-hour class, $75 for full-day workshop. The required 7.0 and 8.0 Workbooks are $11.00 each.


Beginning Ipsalu Tantra for Individuals & Couples

“A path based on energy, Tantra is a practice in which sexual energy is generated and harnessed for purification of the energetic body.” – Ipsalu Tantra website

It’s easy to learn some of “the basics” of tantric breathing, energy practices, and theory even when you don’t have a partner. Learn why we call Ipsalu Tantra “pink tantra” – a blend of both physical and spiritual intentions and practices. Join Dr. Marsh for a support, easy introduction to this exciting system of sexual enjoyment and personal growth. Private classes and group workshops are available.

Wear comfortable clothing and attend all sessions and classes fragrance-free. (Please note: no nudity or intimate touching is involved.)

 • Private Sessions

This is a great opportunity to try some of the breathing and energy techniques, and to ask questions without shame or embarrassment. All genders, sexual preferences, and relationship configurations are welcome.

Normal hourly rates apply for private classes.

• Group Workshops

$15 for 1-hour ASATE or Ipsalu Energy Yoga class. $35 for 4-hour group classes.

• Mentoring – In Person or Long Distance

Unlike the private classes and workshops above, mentoring is arranged through Ipsalu Tantra. Mentoring sessions can be scheduled with Dr. Marsh at your convenience. Here is some information about the Mentoring program, from the Ipsalu Tantra website:

Mentoring is available with Ipsalu Licensed Teachers to support your exploration and practice of Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga. Mentors hold sessions with individuals, couples or small groups.

You can use the TantraBliss Practicum (Home Study Course), which requires three mentor sessions, to learn Cobra Breath 1, when you are unable to attend a Level 1 Course in person, as a preparation for an in-person Level 1 or as follow-up support after a Level 1 Course to help integrate the practice into your life.

Mentor Sessions may include:

  • Review and expansion of recognized Ipsalu Tantra techniques
  • Sharing of experiences during your Ipsalu Tantra practice
  • Guidance regarding how to maintain a daily practice
  • Emotional/energy flow work
  • Guidance for the TantraBliss Practicum exploration and study
  • Initiation into first level Cobra Breath (after adequate preparation)

Mentors can answer questions about Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga, however the mentor is not a licensed health professional in sexual problems (through ITI). Mentoring does not include any form of sexual contact. Mentoring is not a replacement for professional counseling, therapy (emotional or sexual) or qualified medical care.

[Remember: Dr. Amy Marsh is a sexologist and an AASECT-certified sexuality counselor and is qualified through her training and expertise to answer many of your questions about human sexuality.]

Sessions are held either by phone or in person, if geography permits and depending on the mentor. The price is $60 per hour for three (1-hour) sessions. The first session usually covers Lessons 1-3 of the Practicum and any questions you may have. 

TantraBliss Practicum lessons can be purchased here.

Please contact ITI if you want Dr. Amy Marsh’s support as a mentor. Request her as your mentor when you email – with the subject “Mentor Requested.” Click here for Dr. Amy Marsh’s profile on the Ipsalu Tantra website.

2018 Ipsalu Teaching License

• Intimate Hypnosis Training Center

Dr. Marsh can train you to become a certified hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists (100 hours) curriculum. Then, you can also earn an additional certificate in her original class, Hypnosis for Sexual Concerns (150 hours).

Creative Sexuality Education Corp. 

Dr. Marsh teaches a variety of sexology classes online at Creative Sexuality for both the general public and sexuality professionals. Please check out her classes here.

• Sex Coach U and Sexology University

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