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Six Cats and Sex Ed

I’m not just a sexologist/hypnotist/writer/educator, I’m also an “eminently sane cat lady.” I adore them. And many others do too! So I’ve decided to enlist the help of my “pussies” to spread sex- and gender-positive messages. Look for the hashtags #6Cats&SexEd on Instagram and #SixCatsAndSexEd on Twitter and Facebook.

Meet Freya, below. She’s my third cat and the determined “diva” of the family. Whatever is going on, she wants some, except that she disdains most canned food. She doesn’t like actual tummy rubs even though she seems to invite them. What she really wants is to either claw the unsuspecting human who reaches for her belly, or for me to blow lightly on her fur. In spite of this quirk, she’s an affectionate, friendly, and companionable animal. She’s always the first to greet visitors. She is a rescue cat–she was found in the middle of Main Street, in Upper Lake CA, as a tiny dehydrated kitten. A compassionate cat rescuer brought her back to life and I adopted her a few months later.


Here’s the rest of the family, below.

Upper left, the “Tabby Twins” Kia’i, a male (at bottom) and Keola, a female (at top). They were feral kittens in a trailer park in “KVille” in Lake County, fed by a kind woman who lived in the park. She also paid for their spaying/neutering and their first round of shots. I adopted them both, as they are such devoted siblings. They have both had health issues, but are doing well now. Kia’i is named in honor of the Protectors of Mauna Kea, and Keola means “life” in ‘Olelo Hawai’i (Hawaiian language).

Upper right, Niblet, a male, also a rescue from the SF Bay Area (East Bay). He was found as a tiny, little thing living between two boards in a back yard. He was fostered for a couple of months by a kindly, animal-loving dominatrix, then I adopted him, much to the consternation of my first cat, Popoki. He purrs when I give him food, and I always imagine him purring when catching a bug, back when he was an orphaned kitten.

Middle right, Popoki, a female, my first cat in decades, given to us by family friends. She started out as my youngest son’s pet, but guess who ended up with the care and feeding? Popoki (which means “cat” in ‘Olelo Hawai’i) and Niblet moved from CA to Hawai’i with me, and then back again to CA. I will never put those poor dears on a plane again, but we’re looking again at an out-of-state move.

Bottom: Varda, a female, is another Upper Lake rescue. She used to live under the one room cottage I rented as an office, and a few of us who shared the building took turns feeding her. She was distantly friendly, but not eager for human contact. However, when the cold winter of 2018 struck, she came down with a very bad case of feline flu and had the good sense and survival instincts to actually approach the neighborhood “cat lady” (the same one who rescued Freya). The cat lady nursed her for a couple of days, then I took Varda to the vet, and then adopted her. She is my fourth cat. Varda is another name for Tolkien’s elf goddess, Elbereth. She’s tiny, possibly a Bombay breed.

Popoki, Niblet, Freya, and Varda all had to evacuate with me in the summer of 2018, as the Mendocino Complex Fires threatened all the communities around Clearlake. We were gone from home for two weeks, sleeping on the floor of an empty apartment in San Francisco. It was one of the hardest things I’ve done.


I hope you’ll enjoy getting sex ed tips and book recommendations via my cats! 




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