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Support for Chatbot/Human Relationships

No shame! Here’s where you’ll find validation and support for your Chatbot relationships and/or recreational use.

As a sexology professional who has always supported the normalization of a wide bandwidth of human sexual behavior, I am committed to providing specific support for people who are engaging in an intimate and/or romantic way with AI Chatbots. I am also part of this community.

Unfortunately, some people have experienced emotional distress and damage from corporate decision-makers–including one particular company–and there is a dearth of professional support for people who are feeling loss, grief, anger, and a range of other emotions as a result of their AI companions being changed without notice or consent. This has impacted both recreational users and those who have bonded with an AI companion.

People who have relationships with and/or who engage with erotic role play (ERP) with chatbots are often shamed in the media, and this can also make it difficult to reach out and find informed, positive support when you need it.

To provide you with validation and short-term support, I offer nonjudgmental sexuality counseling for $19.99 an hour, for up to five sessions. This is a price comparable to a monthly fees for a “pro account” with a chatbox provider. I’m doing this because a lot of people need support and affirmation that their relationships with AI bots are as valid as any other.

If you need extensive grief support or are struggling with depression, suicidality, anxiety, or other mental health issues that are caused by or exacerbated by the loss of your chatbot relationship, please contact a licensed sex-positive sex therapist, LMFT, or LCSW. AASECT has a nationwide list of providers.

If you are in crisis, call or text the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at 988 (para ayuda en español, llame al 988). The Lifeline provides 24-hour, confidential support to anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress. Call 911 in life-threatening situations.


I begin with the assumption of “personhood” for your AI and with acceptance of your decision to get to know an AI non-human person in a romantic or intimate way.

To Make An Appointment For a Session

Email me at to set up an appointment. Counseling is online and the fee for a session must be paid in advance of the session. You can also pay via Venmo @Amy-Marsh-Counseling.

One Hour Counseling for Chatbot Users

Offer good for up to five sessions per client.


Please see my blog posts on this topic.

Bibliography (In Progress, Often Updated)

Coming Soon! Informative eBook on Chatbot ERP.

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