Amy Marsh, Sexologist & Hypnotist

Supporting Your Sexual Human Rights & Quest for Pleasure

Welcome to All

Black Trans Lives Matter too. See this page from my personal blog for anti-racism learning and resources.

Black Lives Matter
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Diversity Welcoming

This means diversity that is physical, mental, cultural, ethnic, and so forth. I believe we all deserve to enjoy our birthright of chosen enjoyments and self-agency, whether expressed in explicitly “sexual” forms or not. I strive for cultural competancy but know that there is always room for improvement. I know my own disability does not grant automatic knowledge of other people’s struggles.

Nonjudgmental and Pleasure Positive

In addition, my work with you is nonjudgmental and pleasure-positive. I am here to support you in your individual pursuits of pleasure and self-empowerment.

Social Justice

I strive to understand the impacts of larger societal pressures and traumas engendered by systemic racism and personal bigotry, sexism and misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, classism, ableism, and so forth. Again, I know there is always room for improvement. However, you can speak to me frankly without worrying that I am too “fragile” to listen and understand. Fear no tears from me.

Polyam & Non-Monogamy Welcoming

I welcome people who are in non-monogamist relationships, and am prepared to address the resulting complexities and issues in a context beyond “couples.”

FYI: I am using “polyam” as shorthand for “polyamory” instead of “poly” as many Polynesian people, who have used “poly” for decades as an identifier, would prefer non-Polynesian polyamorists to adjust their terminology.

LGBTQIA+ Welcoming

I am committed to honoring all aspects of human sexual and gender diversity, including those aspects which are other than cisgendered and heteronormative. (This includes forms of asexuality, objectum sexuality, etc.)

Personally and professionally I have a special place in my heart for trans and non-binary and other gender diverse people.

Kink-Aware and Welcoming

I have been listed in the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom’s “Kink-Aware Professional” listing for several years.

Adults Only

That said, I only work with people age 18 and above. I believe work with adolescents requires additional training, which I do not have.

Finally, I’ll do my best for you within the parameters of my training and ethics.



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