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Gender, Sexuality & Relationship Diversity

Introducing a new term: GSRD.

A colleague recently introduced me to the acronym GSRD, which stands for “gender, sexuality, and relationship diversity.” This may be a handy alternative term for LGBTQIA++. Expect to see it around. 

Diversity Welcoming

This means diversity that is physical, mental, cultural, ethnic, racial, and so forth. I believe we all deserve to enjoy our birthright of chosen enjoyments and self-agency, whether expressed in explicitly “sexual” forms or not. I strive for cultural competancy and humility but know that there is always room for improvement. I know my own disability does not grant automatic knowledge of other people’s struggles.

Nonjudgmental and Pleasure Positive

In addition, my work with you is nonjudgmental and pleasure-positive. I am here to support you in your individual pursuits of pleasure and self-empowerment.

Social Justice & Anti-Racist 

I strive to understand the impacts of larger societal pressures and traumas engendered by systemic racism and personal bigotry, sexism and misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, classism, ableism, and so forth. Again, I know there is always room for improvement. However, you can speak to me frankly without worrying that I am too “fragile” to listen and understand. Fear no tears from me.

I honor Black lives, Brown Lives, Indigenous Lives, and the Lives of other People of Color. And yes, Trans Lives and Black Trans Lives. This isn’t virtue signaling–it’s a commitment to these values in my private practice.

Polyam & Non-Monogamy Welcoming

I welcome people who are in non-monogamist relationships, and am prepared to address the resulting complexities and issues in a context beyond “couples.”

FYI: I am using “polyam” as shorthand for “polyamory” instead of “poly” as many Polynesian people, who have used “poly” for decades as an identifier, would prefer non-Polynesian polyamorists to adjust their terminology.

LGBTQIA+ Welcoming

I am committed to honoring all aspects of human sexual and gender diversity, including those aspects which are other than cisgendered and heteronormative. (This includes forms of asexuality, objectum sexuality, etc.)

Kink-Aware and Welcoming

I have been listed in the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom’s “Kink-Aware Professional” listing for several years.

Adults Only

That said, I only work with people age 18 and above. I believe work with adolescents requires specific additional training, which I do not have.

Finally, I’ll do my best for you within the parameters of my training and ethics.

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