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Amy Marsh, Ed.D, DHS, CH, CI

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AASECT-certified sexuality counselor

• Certified Consulting Hypnotist (CH) and Hypnosis Instructor (CI)


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2019 Update: Changes

As a human sexuality professional, I’ve done a certain amount of “shapeshifting” in my career. I’ve tended to reject “branding” in favor of following my heart and interests, and these have led me to some interesting terrain in terms of human sexuality and hypnosis.

And I’ve realized that much as I like client work, I like creating and teaching adult sexual enrichment programs (such as erotic hypnosis and tantra) and consultation (problem solving vs. counseling) even better. I realize I prefer to establish rapport and work with people who have known me first as an sexuality and hypnosis educator, then as a counselor.

And so, I’m making some changes:

Private Practice and Classes

• I’ll be focusing on education programs, in person and online. I’ll be updating the older ones and creating new offerings.

• I will take on a limited number of new counseling clients, but only if they’ve been students of mine first, either online or in person.

Example: Secrets of Successful Partners course, then counseling.

Example: Beginning Erotic Hypnosis workshop, then counseling.

Example: Hypnosis at Home class, then counseling.

• This year, 2019, I’ll also be focusing on updating my professional training programs at Intimate Hypnosis Training Center as well as finishing my book on erotic hypnosis.


• I’ll be reaching out to neopagan people and communities to offer sexological perspectives and education in the context of those communities.

• I’ll be creating programs and reaching out to disadvantaged people here in Lake County, especially people who are aging and/or LGBTQIA etc.

Wait, There’s More!

My approach has always been eclectic but 2019 has also brought a spiritual challenge. For the last several years I’ve been immersed in polytheistic neopagan spiritual practices and magical studies, including; animism, inclusive (progressive) Norse and Celtic traditions; other earth-based and neopagan traditions; and tantra. I have long felt a desire and need to incorporate this spiritual orientation and related intuitive arts into my professional life.

Now I’m ready to bring this side of myself into the open and “own” it as part of my interest in human sexuality and hypnosis. This new energy and material will most likely bring some changes to some of my educational programs and my work with students/clients. I don’t have all the answers yet, but this shift in perspective and purpose feels right.

Please see the FAQ: Out of the Broom Closet page for more info. 

What Stays the Same

• Telehealth. I will continue to have encrypted “office hours” for private classes and client sessions. See the Fees page.

2018-banner3 copy

• Hypnosis. I will continue to offer hypnosis via online sessions. See Hypnosis page.

• hi® Massager. I will continue to promote this nifty new product and look forward to creating some educational programs for it. Click here for $100 off.



Best Way to Get in Touch

Cell phone service can be unreliable and messages may be hard to understand, so I prefer that you email me at dr.amymarshsexologist at

Please include your full name and address and time zone. However, as email is not a secure communication, please limit your personal details. No photos, please.

California Hypnosis Disclaimer


As required by California Business and Professions code, sections 2051, 2052, and 2053, specifically 2053.5, the following information is provided:

Nothing in this web site is intended to hold out, state, indicate or imply that Amy Marsh is a physician and/ or a surgeon. (Dr. Marsh holds two doctorate degrees in human sexuality – but these are professional and academic, not medical!)

Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists are not licensed by the State of California and are not medical practitioners.

Treatment with hypnosis/hypnotherapy is complementary to healing art services licensed by the state. The hypnotherapist/hypnotist does not diagnose, cure, or treat in any way, medical conditions, illnesses, or diseases. Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy is not the practice of medicine, psychology or psychiatry, and is not in any way intended to be a replacement for diagnosis or treatment of any complaint or ailment.  Persons with mental disabilities or mental illnesses should seek psychiatric care.

Sexuality Counseling/Consulting Disclaimer

Sexuality counseling and consultation/coaching are client-centered, short-term services focused on specific issues. These services are designed to be supportive of overall client wellness and to be complementary and/or additionally helpful to any medical and mental health care. These services do not take the place of medical care and/or therapy from licensed providers. These services do not diagnose or treat medical or mental health conditions. Please consult your medical providers and/or therapists for your medical and mental health needs.






















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