Amy Marsh, Sexologist & Hypnotist

Supporting Your Sexual Human Rights & Quest for Pleasure

Starting June 15 – Client Sessions Available

As of June 15, 2017, Dr. Amy Marsh will resume seeing clients at Hinano Healing Arts in Hilo. She will continue to see clients there until her relocation back to California.

Contact her at (808)769-6010 for sexuality counseling, hypnosis for sexual concerns, and adult sexuality and enrichment education. Or email

Skype appointments are also available. LGBTQI etc. and all diversity welcome!


Dr. Marsh supports your sexual health and wellness by combining sexuality counseling, hypnosis, adult sex education, and sex and relationship coaching. Such sessions may be helpful with regard to a range of issues, including worries about non-medical erectile dysfunction and vaginismus; body shame/body image; sexual lifestyles; gender concerns; kink; non-monogamy and polyamory; couples communication; and more.

Sexuality counseling, hypnosis, education, and sex and relationship coaching are client-centered, short-term services focused on specific issues. These services are designed to be supportive of overall client wellness and to be complementary and/or additionally helpful to any medical and mental health care. These services do not take the place of medical care and/or therapy from licensed providers. These services do not diagnose or treat medical or mental health conditions. Please consult your medical providers and/or therapists for your medical and mental health needs. 


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