After reviewing the syllabus, here’s what two top hypnotists are saying about the Intimate Hypnosis-Sexological Hypnosis Skills certificate course which I am currently teaching as a distance-learning program through the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality:

“The Intimate Hypnosis training couse offered by Amy Marsh, EdD, DHS, ACS, CH  is a comprehensive, well-organized and sexy program that will benefit a wide range of licensed and non-licensed helping professionals and the people they are helping. I highly recommend it! “

Michael Ellner, Diplomate – International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. Author of Bedside Manners: A Pain Clinicians’ Guide to Effective Medical Communication and co-author of the Quantum Focusing guided self-help e-book series.

“I thought the course was well thought out, well planned, and comprised of valueable modules and learning perspectives.  As an LMFT I can assure any professional, sex and sexual understanding is a major part of many other contributing presenting problems, and a comprehensive course like this would be valuable to anyone.”    

Richard Nongard,  LMFT, CCH, Award-winning NLP and hypnosis trainer. Author of Magic Words in Hypnosis – The Sourcebook of Hypnosis Patter and Scripts and How to Overcome Hypnotic Difficulties and Medical Meditation – How to Reduce Pain, Decrease Complications, and Recover Faster from Surgery, Illness and Disease.

I am grateful to both for taking time from their busy schedules to review the syllabus! Thank you, Michael Ellner and Richard Nongard!