Buried in the depths of sex research is a small but significant fact – a defining difference between the orgasmic functioning of the usual biological female body and the usual biological male body. For some odd reason, this defining difference was never quite taken up by sex therapists – or never quite adequately explained. Sometimes this difference is almost addressed in sexological literature – but without much understanding of the physiology. Therefore recommendations intended to promote female-bodied orgasms aren’t completely effective. And we’ve been left to fall back on a particularly pervasive assumption…

I’m being deliberately mysterious as I am running a SurveyMonkey project to test my premise and gather data. The survey is brief and completely confidential. Please add your two cents. I’m testing beliefs and knowledge about female-bodied orgasms.

Take the survey here. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/femaleorgasms

At this point I am looking for more men – cis and trans alike – to respond, as the majority of respondents are female (cis mostly). It would be lovely to have more responses from trans women too, as well as from intersex and other folk. I’ll be posting the research results when I complete the project mid-February.