A pioneering publication in clinical ecosexology

I’ve just published a new booklet, Sex Without Solvents – A Professional and Personal Perspective on Clinical Ecosexology, on MagCloud.com. You can browse the booklet page by page at this link.

The booklet addresses the impact that toxic chemicals may have on people’s sexual feelings, behavior, health, and function. This is a little-addressed topic, and one I think that should be familiar to every sexologist (and others doing clinical work).

I have personally suffered much illness and partial disability from occupatoinal exposure to chemical toxins – and the booklet includes reprints of three of my Carnal Nation columns which touch on this.

In a related topic, I’ll be speaking on a panel at the EcoSex Symposium on June 18th, created by Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle.  I’ll be on the EcoSex Activism panel, which takes place 7:30-9:00 PM. The panel will be moderated by Naomi Pitcairn and features the following line up:

Amy Marsh, DHS, ACS, CHT: Toxins Ate My Sex Life

Scott Catamas: NonViolent Communication for the EcoSexual Movement

Travis Williams: Environmental Justice in Silicon Valley

Amy Champ: Absolutely Free and Radically Wild—Living Radical Ecology at the Berkeley Tree Sit