Last Thursday, Sept. 13th, I taught my Easy Mind-Body Skills workshop at Tutu’s House in Waimea, Hawai’i island.  This is a collection of several simple things that people can do to release stress in their lives. These techniques are so simple, parents can teach them to children. I originally created this workshop for the Gender Spectrum Conference held last summer in Berkeley, but realized that it could be helpful for any community. So I’m taking it on the road!

A few days after the workshop I received the following glowing testimonial from the program director, who made it a point to take my class:

“You are one of my all-time FAVORITE PRESENTERS! Absolutely the BEST at active listening & letting people “FEEL HEARD”, taking just enough time to let an individual’s comment resonate, be noticed, identified with by others, while bringing focus back to the material you intend to cover within perfect connection with your audience ! ! ! Really, you could do a Train-the-Trainers just on that skill that you have mastered & so graceful at it ! ! ! ! ! !  I… absolutely hope that you will return with ANYTHING you would like to share with the Community at Tutu’s House.”  Lorraine Urbic, Tutu’s House Program Leader, Kamuela-Waimea, Hawai’i Island.

This is super-gratifying to me, as I have been spending a lot of time and energy in this last year, trying to be a better and more effective teacher and presenter. This was my second time doing a program at Tutu’s House, a community  health and education center. (A couple of years ago I presented an abbreviated version of my Secrets of Successful Couples course.) I particularly value Lorraine’s comments as her program relies on a constant stream of guest presenters, with new offerings every month, and so I know she has a good basis of comparison.

You can bet that next time I come back to Hawai’i island that I’ll bring another workshop to Tutu’s House. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to offer something back to at least one community in Hawai’i!