AHILLC-RED-SmallI’m still learning my way around this new product, the hi® Massager from WomenandCouples.com, however I daren’t wait any longer to post at least an initial review. I’m going to do this “sandwich” style–first the good, then a few concerns, then the good again, with a sex tip at the end.

A Little Background

People in general love the hi® Massager and it’s garnered a lot of excitement and press both before and after its market release. (The development story is amazing. Please do read it.)

I was originally very excited about this product when I heard that the device delivers abdominal orgasms, and there was speculation that this might be a positive help for women who have had clitorectomies (FGM-female genital mutilation). I’ve heard less about this topic recently, but I’d like to know if the hi® Massager is actually delivering help and hope to women with FGM.

During its development phase, it was enthusiastically received by many sexologists at the now defunct Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. We’re not a shy lot, so many of the female sexologists gladly tried the device and offered their insights to the designer, Steve McGough. I wasn’t one of them, as for some reason I just didn’t have the opportunity, but I certainly saw it passed around. Its first incarnations were very rough and mechanical, not the sleek device offered today. Now, since the product has been refined and ready for market, many of these same sexologists have given glowing testimonials.

Others have signed on as affiliates. Disclosure: I am one. I’d love to sell a hi® Massager to you, but only if it’s right for you. (If you do decide to buy, you’ll get a $100 discount if you click here.)

However today I’m reviewing more as a consumer than a sexologist or a sales person. I’m asking the question, what happens when you open up the attractive carrying bag and are confronted with this large powder blue and white device, which is more than “just a vibrator?”


A Few Practical Points

You use the hi® Massager with your clothes on. Please don’t wear front zippered pants! The device delivers abdominal massage as well as clitoral and perineal stimulation. Zippers would hurt. (Note: I didn’t do this. Just thinking ahead on your behalf!)

hi® Massager is not battery operated. There’s a power cord and a wall connector (three versions, U.S. and Canada (110V), European Union and Asian (220V). Make sure you order the right one for your region. As with anything that is connected to your electricity, unplug and don’t use it during electrical storms.

Don’t get it wet.

There are some other cautions and contraindications. Do read the user manual before you use it.

Page 2 of user manual
Contraindications page of hi® Massager User Manual.


Versatility! There are three pairs of different types of percussive heads which are  (interchangeable). And seven different vibration and speed settings each for the bulb-like “vibrational guide” (which is placed against the perineum) and for the two “percussive heads.” The controls for the vibrational guide and the percussive heads are separately controlled, so you can truly customize your experience. I recommend testing these different speeds and percussive heads on your thigh first, before going for the genitals. And stop immediately if anything doesn’t feel right. [Note: I haven’t experimented with the different percussive heads yet–that’s for a later review.]

I also find the long handle to be a plus. It makes for a more restful and comfortable experience.

And, when you finally get the speed and pressure you like, it feels good! (Naturally.)

I’ve used this solo on my legs, upper back, neck and shoulders, soles of my feet, as well as genitals. Even if there weren’t any orgasms involved, I’d say this is a great massager!

Comments and Concerns

I wish there was a copy of the User Manual online, actually, so people could check it out in advance (especially for the info on contraindications) and also adjust print size.

It’s heavy. Really really heavy. If you’re using this alone, it takes two hands to hold it. And if you’ve got carpal tunnel, arthritis, or some other physical issue that would make it difficult for you to hold it, use it with a partner.

My personal device was from the first manufacturing run. It has a very high pitched whine which drives me up the wall. I find it hard to tolerate such noises (which is one reason I’ve been lagging on the review). Steve McGough says he hasn’t heard that complaint from anyone else, so I might just have a flawed device. If you order a device with a similar problem, contact customer service and exchange it. I’ve been lazy about doing that.

It’s loud. Other people in the house are going to hear it. Depending on your household, that may or may not be a problem.

After reading this review, Steve McGough commented on Facebook: “The first manufacture run is quite a bit louder than the second (we made over 100 very small engineering changes) – and the designs for the 3rd run should be even quieter ;).”

I am not sure how well the hi® Massager works with various body types (such as people with a lot of fatty abdominal tissue) or with women who have uterine and other prolapses. I say this with regard to body types because the spacing between the vibrational guide and the percussive heads is stationary. I’m not sure how larger bodies will enjoy it. I’d like to know more about this, frankly, especially user reviews.

I bring up organ prolapses because I am not sure how the structural problems related to organ prolapse (decreased functioning of muscles and ligaments of the pelvic floor) affect the quality of abdominal stimulation. Again, I’d like to know more. Personally, as a prolapse patient, I really haven’t yet felt anything much with the upper (abdominal) percussive head. The “abdominal orgasm” is elusive for me. But I still have more exploring to do.

Another Big Plus

This device was developed by people who deeply and sincerely want everyone in the world to have more sexual health and pleasure. This means you have a responsive company who also incorporates educational programs into their marketing.


Read all the information on the website. Check out the videos. And think about what your expectations are for this product.

If you order the product, spend some time exploring all the settings and different percussive heads. Try it on your body in different positions–what happens if you move it “just so?” If you’re focusing on your genitals, don’t be afraid to try things like opening and closing your legs as you use the hi® Massager. Does this change how you experience stimulation? (I remember reading Anais Nin–she said she could easily orgasm with her husband because he allowed her to keep her legs tighter together during vaginal intercourse, but it was harder with Henry Miller, as he wanted her legs really spread.)

Remember that this product is definitely more complex and more sophisticated than the average vibrator or massager.

Sex Tip

This one is for female-bodied solo users. Use your breath while using the hi® Massager. Try a series of slow inhalations, bringing the breath and energy up your body, then letting the breath and energy sink back down to the base of your spine and your genitals with a long outgoing sigh (“ahhhh!”) or a short vocalization (a name?). This can facilitate the movement of orgasmic energy throughout your body.

Let me know if you try this, and if it works for you!