It’s been a few years since I first dreamt about founding a sexological hypnosis training center – one which could provide truly exceptional training in the uses of hypnosis for sexual problems and enjoyment. I want to promote sexual health and well-being through well-trained practitioners!

I am happy to say that I’ve successfuly jumped one bureaucratic hurdle in making this dream a reality! I received official word (as of April 8, 2015) that the CA Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education has granted my application for exemption for the Intimate Hypnosis Training Center. What this means is that the type of professional training that I intend to offer does NOT fit into a category requiring oversight by this particular agency. This is because (1) no class costs over $2,500; (2) IHTC does not and will not accept state or federal money for student tuition; and (3) IHTC does not and will not create degree-granting programs. Nope – it’s all strictly professional training, and while it’s a shame I won’t be able to offer financial assistance to students, it’s best to keep this operation simple and small. My focus is on delivering top quality, online and onsite hypnosis and sexology education. I’d like to avoid getting mired in unnecessary bureaucratic challenges.

So, as of April 10, 2015, consider the Intimate Hypnosis Training Center as officially “launched,” even though I have a few more business-type hoops to get through. Another piece of good news – I have updated my course syllabi and submitted them to the American College of Sexologists International, so that people who take my training can also qualify for membership in that organization, with all its benefits, the directory, etc.

Classes will start on June 1, 2015. Come study with me!