Throughout history, human beings have reported erotic and intimate encounters with a variety of deities and spirits. It is clear that many human beings have desired intimate contact with unseen beings and that this desire is a bonafide aspect of human sexual and relational behavior. We can find anecdotal accounts and other impacts and traces of the human desire for spirit intimacy in many cultures and traditions and human endeavors: history, world religions, spiritual traditions, legends, legal systems, anthropology, psychology, medicine, literature and the arts, pop culture, and now…at last…in sexology.

However the question for many will be, “do the spirits desire us back?” Legends and anecdotal experiences of contemporary people would have it so.

Join me for an overview of this topic, as I make a sexological case for Spiritu-Intimacy and Spectrosexuality as a bonafide sexual orientation. This presentation was recorded Dec. 15, 2021.

Presentation recorded Dec. 15, 2021 by Amy Marsh, Ed.D., DHS.

Please also see this page on my dedicated website for a discussion of Spiritu-Intimacy and Spectrosexuality as a sexual minority.

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