Happy New Year to all! I some news to share.

First, I am pleased to announce that after a seven-month hiatus, sex and erotica writer M.Christian and I are back with a new season of our Love’s Outer Limits podcast. You can listen to our New Year’s Day Season 4/Episode 1 here. The podcast is on several listening platforms including Spotify, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, and you can include us in your RSS Feed. We’d love to expand our listener base, and also talk about sex and sexual culture topics that you’re interested in. You can send suggestions to us via a voice message on our Anchor.fm webpage.

Speaking of podcasts, I was on Slate’s “How to Do It” podcast with Stoya and Rich Juzwiak in December, commenting about objectum sexuality. My portion of the episode is behind their Slate Plus subscriber paywall. The episode is titled, “My New Sex Partner Is a Little Weird—and Not Technically Alive.”

Later this month I will also be interviewed for NPR’s “Audacious” with Chion Wolf. I am not sure when the program will air.

As you can guess from the above, I do like talking about the things that interest me, especially when I’m talking with interesting and interested people. And there is so much to say when you’re addressing the realms of human eroticism and behavior!

With regard to my sexuality and hypnosis practice, I am still adjusting to life here in Oregon and trying to figure out the best way to make my services available to the community, both here and long distance. With the Omnicron variant running amok in public spaces, I don’t anticipate offering “in-person” sessions anytime soon. I’ll continue to provide tele-health and zoom sessions.

After a few years’ hiatus, I have rejoined Psychology Today as they have new features that are valuable for long-distance work. I now have a protected phone number through that platform. You can leave a message for me via (541)876-8090. My Psychology Today profile is found here. The website also provides a HIPPA-compliant feature for online sessions, and I look forward to having an alternative to Zoom (which also works well, but it’s nice to have a choice).

As many of my clients know, as a sexologist my interests are broad and often unusual, but my intention is to always honor erotic authenticity for people engaged in adult, consensual, sex — and to honor gender authenticity for all. I intend this year to pursue even more research into spectrosexuality and spiritu-intimacy, as well as other forms of occult/erotic intersections and traditions. It’s a fascinating topic! However, I am always able to work with people who have less “exotic” interests or concerns. The bottom line is I meet you where you are.

I look forward to working with my established clients and new clients in this coming year. May this next year provide a great relief to all the world, especially with regard to pandemics, climate difficulties, and social justice.