More than five stars, really! I love this short story, “We/They/Us,” so much! It’s beautifully written, more sensual than boringly explicit, and has a message that we could all stand to remember. My long-time Love’s Outer Limits* podcast co-host, M. Christian, has always astounded me with their futuristic vision, wild imagination, and super-solid writing “chops.” They’re good. I know they’re good. And I hope to heck they know it too! But I must confess, when I was given the honor of reading this story prior to publication, I was smitten with admiration for this sweet space tale of, well… no spoilers here… can you say “personal growth and transformation” and let that phrase to mean something entirely different than what you might think?

Try it. Dash, don’t dawdle, over to Future of Sex and read this story right away. And take a look at the rest of the website while you’re at it. M.Christian’s fine work kicks off a new “Sex Science Fiction” section for the website. (Writers, you might want to submit a story pitch!)

FYI, the story’s illustration is also by M.Christian.

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*As for Love’s Outer Limits, we’ll be back. Just haven’t podcasted for a while…