It is with pure, transcendent joy that I announce the August 2022 publication, both in ebook and paperback editions, of the first volume in my queer urban fantasy series, The Guild of Ornamental Hermits. The first book, The Dire Deeds, is a rollicking fantasy already garnering five star reviews on Amazon. If you enjoy this kind of fiction, please take a look at the book’s page on Amazon and see if it appeals to you.

I’ve been working on this series since Nov. 1, 2016. My characters, and their adventures, have kept me going through post-divorce crazies, five moves, other personal crises, and the pandemic. As a sexologist commited to sex positivity and gender justice for all, my work does inform the books to some extent. But readers will not find much actual sex in these pages. Though these novels are not written for the young adult (YA) category, I’ve still enjoyed focusing on personalities and plots rather than sexual encounters. Instead, readers will find tons of queer characters, both human and Elves, magic intrigue, and a lot of quirky humor and outrageous situations. I am ready for readers to fall in love with my characters, as I have.